Patty McMahon, M.Ed
Patty McMahon, M.Ed

Hi world!

My name is Patty. I go by P. Mac and I have lots of insights to stuff and things in the world. Lately I have had a lot of insights on sobriety. (GASP!) I know, I used to detest the word. But, here I am, not a drop since the end of December 2021.

I love writing on about this topic.

Here are some articles to get started:

Take A Look At Your Drinking Habits On-going List of Programs, Courses, and Podcats

Here's WHat I Learned from 100 Days Sober Seven lessons that changed my life

What Will Happen If You Drink? Play the Movie Forward. You Already Know Strategy to quit drinking alcoho.

But I also like to write about yoga, books, and other things.

I have taken my creative skills and have become a content creator. Check out my to find out what I am up to. 

But I am very proud of the magazine I created. How to Plan Your Sober Vacation. This magazine helps women pre-decide and pre-plan their sober vacation using some tools I have found helpful along the way. So far, the feedback on the magazine has been comments like: ‘this is such a fun way to learn this content!” and “I am getting excited for upcoming trips!”

Check out this video detailing why I created it and what's inside.

These forty-six jam-packed pages highlight what to drink, what to pack, what to say, and bonus! There are stories of other women’s first sober vacations. I’ve included drink recipes, journal reflections, and even a checklist to help guide others on their journey. Get your copy today! 

I also operate an online book club. 

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Patty McMahon, M.Ed

Patty McMahon, M.Ed

Author. Writing about writing, alcohol free living, and other insights on life as it happens. @pmacinsights