Do you have a sober survival story?

I want to hear it! Accepting submissions

Patty McMahon, M.Ed
2 min readSep 8, 2022


No, this isn’t for a medium publication.

Yes, I do want to hear all about your first sober experiences.

Hi! My name is Patty McMahon. I write a digital magazine called “How to Plan Your Sober [Blank].” This is a sober survival guide for upcoming events such as birthdays, vacations, holidays, and more.

I am seeking your expertise in this area and want to give you an opportunity to share your stories. I’ve tagged you because I have read your work and think you’d love this opportunity. Michele Maize (The Sober Vegan Yogi) Ken Makimsy Middleton Benya Clark Diana Leotta Paul Goodman Colleen Kachmann Caryn Leach-Smith Clark Webb Mark Godfrey and feel free to share with someone you may know who might have a story to tell.

I am looking for submissions about the following topics.

  • Reliving your first sober Halloween
  • Reliving your first sober Thanksgiving
  • Reliving your first sober Christmas
  • Comparing your first sober Halloween to Halloweens of the past
  • Comparing your first sober Thanksgiving to ones of the past
  • Comparing your first sober Christmas to ones of the past
  • Top three tips you’ve learned to stay sober at any event
  • Top three seasonal drinks you’ve loved over the years
  • Advice for newly sober people in social situations

You can share your contact links, plug a product, or your medium subscription link. I want this to work out for both of us. I may ask some of you to join me in interviews to speak to my Private Facebook Group, “How to Plan Your Sober [Blank],” where we support each other in planning how to survive our next social event. This will be a great opportunity for you to plug your world as well.

Yes, you can even post your article on :) (make sure you check that partner program box)!

If you want to play, please submit your articles to with the subject line HOLIDAY STORY.

Submissions should be about 750 words.

If you are writing about Halloween, please submit by 9/21, Thanksgiving by 10/11, and Christmas by 11/01.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Patty McMahon, M.Ed is an educator, a mother, wife, and dog lover writing about sobriety and wellness in the 21st c. To learn more, check out her About Me Stories. Join her newsletter to get more insights on wellness delivered to your inbox. Check out her or become a medium member using this link.



Patty McMahon, M.Ed

Mother. Wife. Lover. Writing about alcohol free living and other daily insights on life as it happens.


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