No Retreat Is Complete Without Bedtime Yoga

Travel insights from a sober woman

Patty McMahon, M.Ed


Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

It had been a long day.

Getting to Palm Springs for a sober retreat took some effort, but now that I am here, I feel like I could relax into the schedule.

A gathering for a Solo Social over drinks and icebreakers led to a formal Meet & Greet with a panel of sober coaches answering our questions about all things sober living while sipping on some Curious Exlihirs, Gruvi Dry Secco, H2O Hop Water, and other tasty drinks.

That’s what Sober In The City, a Zero Proof Experience, does — curates activities for guests so you can embrace your choice to be alcohol-free without having that conversation or feeling singled out by your choice not to drink with others around you.

Everyone there was on an alcohol-free journey, even if it was just remaining curious about cutting alcohol out of your life for a short time.

But now, it was time to unwind.

What better way to do that than with a Yinish style yoga?

Big Question Though

Do I wear my bathing suit under my yoga clothes, or do I come back to change?

Since the weather wasn’t the typical Palm Springs sun and heat, I didn’t get to go down the lazy river. The hot tub was the next best thing to experience outside.

When does the hot tub close?

I decided to ask Susie, the founder of Zero Proof Experiences.

She’ll have likely sorted that out. Her nickname is Susie Jacuzzi.

Regardless, I decided to come back and change. My room was on the way to the hot tub anyway.

The Resort Studio

Yoga was in an empty room near the previous event.

Cathay Charles of rewYre_u was already set up, with mystical zen music, smiling, welcoming, and ready to hold space for our practice.

I grabbed a hotel towel and set up on the dark side of the room as I said hello.

I have been in one of Cathy’s groups in the RewYre Community. She has this ability to take pick just the…



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