Want to Read ‘Atomic Habits’ with Me?

Patty McMahon, M.Ed
2 min readApr 22, 2022

Join my book club!

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UPDATE June 17th, Book Club for the month closed. If you are interested in learning more subscribe to my newsletter.

So, you think you have a problem in life and you aren’t quite sure how to ‘fix’ it. You want to be happy, healthy, and wise. You want better relationships with your partner, your boss, your kids and mostly, yourself.

What do you do? You pick up a self-help book. You read. You like it. Maybe you’ll do the exercises, but probably won’t. Then, you set it aside after skimming large chunks of it and carry on with your life. Maybe you think about a concept here and there as you sit in traffic or meander the grocery store. But you don’t ever really embrace the wisdom in the book.

Sound familiar? Then joining the Best Self Book Club might be right for you!

This book club is different. We meet daily online on your own time to reflect on what we are reading. Once a week, we workshop an concept in the book together and support each other in our personal growth. What’s most amazing is that people walk away from the club with lasting friendships in their day to day lives.

Sound fun? Well, it is! Come join us!

This month, we are reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. You may have heard of this book. Just search it up on this platform and you’ll see an enormous amount of insights on the book- or how to stop posting about it. LOL. If people are writing about it this much, then it must be worthy of your time.

So, come check it out with us! Click here to sign up.

We start May 1st!! *

**But don’t worry, the book is so good! We are continuing on this next month to dive in deeper to the habits.

Patty McMahon, M.Ed is an educator, a mother, wife, and dog lover writing about sobriety and wellness in the 21st c. To help others along their journey, she created a book club. Join her newsletter to get more insights on wellness delivered to your inbox.

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